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GOLDEN BRAZIL is the Brazilian chapter of the global organizational learning and development network - G.O.L.D.E.N. for Sustainability. 

Originally GOLDEN was set as a Research Program funded by several international research centers, quartered at Bocconi University, under the scientific supervision of Maurizio Zollo.

The overarching research question that guides the GOLDEN program is: How do companies learn to change towards more sustainable enterprise models? 

GOLDEN’s research is thus designed to identify and assess the factors that influence companies’ capacity to drive the transformational change processes that might lead them to embed sustainability principles deeply into their products, processes, systems, strategies, governance, culture, and the purpose/mission that motivates their existence and their members’ identity fit.


accelerating the transformation of business to sustainable enterprise

GOLDEN aims to tackle this question in the context of a global business-academia-institutions partnership and through the adoption of a large mix of methodologies, the most important of which is field experiments, designed in collaboration with companies, on specific change initiatives that innovate on a part of their existing business model. Field experiments offers a chance for companies to approach complex challenges together with experts in fields relevant in the context of sustainability.

In 2011, Professor Luciana Oranges Cezarino did part of her PH.D. at Bocconi University, under the advisory of Professor Maurizio Zollo and they stablished the Brazilian Chapter of GOLDEN.

Acting in several sectors, GOLDEN BRAZIL is formed by a network of researchers from FEA-RP/USP and FAGEN/UFU working collaboratively with partner universities and companies in the execution of research projects.


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1. Green Dynamic

Create a quantitative research protocol, based on Structural Equations, to analyze in a large scale how green dynamic capacities are built in specific sectors. In this case, the sugar-energy sector.

2. Resilience Management and Mapping

Utilização das tecnologias GIS no mapeamento de indicadores de resiliência urbana para sustentabilidade.

3. SDGs and Compass in Brazilian Challenges

SDG Compass methodology applied in Brazilian companies, seeking to understand how companies have conducted their sustainability practices to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs).

4. Systems Approach for Sustainability

Systems Thinking and Cybernetics approach for complex situations related to sustainability.

5. Education for Sustainable Development

Research and application of theories and methods in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other UN initiatives on the interfaces between the academy, organizations and society.

6. Urban and local Sustainable Development

Research on how the sustainable development goals (SDGs) at the local level could lead to sustainable cities. The qualitative and quantitative project investigates how the transition to sustainability can take place at the regional level.

7. Sustainable Strategy and Performance

Analysis of the relationship between strategy and performance in companies regarding to sustainability in their economic, social and environmental dimensions, through qualitative and quantitative research in national and international companies.

8. Reporting for Sustainability

This research line analyses sustainability information disclosed in companies annual reports, whether or not produced based on international standards.


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Date: 13 a 14/09
Local: Curitiba-PR

The PRME Regional Chapter Brazil, UNDP Office Brazil, in collaboration with PRME Secretariat, PRME Chapter DACH, and PRME Working Groups, and with the support of UN Global Compact Brazilian Committee, are pleased to announce the 4th Responsible Management Education Research Conference. Hosted by the Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná (FIEP), the conference will be held on 13-14 September in Curitiba, Brazil with the general theme: “New Research Questions for Advancing the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals”


Steering Committee:

Maurizio Zollo - BOCCONI

Participant Institutions:

Support Institutions:
IIRC, ISSS Brazil, Bandtech, IPEA, Pacto Global, FUNDACE, CAPES, CNPq, UNICA, Grupo Balbo, CPFL, EDP, ENEL, COPEL, Votorantim, European Smart Cities, Instituto Terroá, University of Stirling

Scientific Board:

Charbel José Chiappetta Jabbour
Ana Beatriz Lopes de Sousa Jabbour
Maurizio Zollo
Maria Antônia Brovelli
Neusa Maria Bastos Fernandes dos Santos


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